How many times have you been asked "where would be your ideal place to live?". "Where is the house of your dreams?" For me, the answer has always been very clear. Somewhere a little bit secluded and by the sea but within 15-20 minutes from a big city. Why do I need it close to the city? Because I need to be able to get lost in the crowds, to not be noticed.

When my oldest child started secondary school the first thing I told him was not to try and copy the others so he could fit in and instead I told him to be himself so he would not get lost like a piece of Tretris,  and instead I told him to stand out.

 So if it is so important to me that my sons grow and learn to be happy and confident people and don’t shy away but instead stand out for being the beautiful human beings they are, why am I hiding?

I am an identical twin and as a child, my mum liked dressing us both in exactly the same clothes.

Going anywhere was torture to us. I cannot remember the number of times when we would be stopped with comments like: “oh look at the twins, they are so cute!”or “aren’t they beautiful and how cute they look in those identical outfits”.

My sister and I put up with the attention for years and we hated it. Couldn’t they see we were two different people with different personalities? We hated  getting noticed, we hated it so much that when we were old enough to go places by ourselves we would take separate routes to get to the same place.

 And now as you have seen with the way I am with my boys, now that I am older and wiser and perhaps a little bit prettier too? I realise the importance to stand out, to be noticed, to have a voice and to be heard.

And this is what I am trying o do with my brand. By using a mix of joyful muted colours and beautiful simple shapes I want to get your attention, and bring you to my world, a world where it is ok to stop for a minute and take a deep breath, a world where taking care of yourself is a given and hugs are a must.


So what do you think? Do you want to come to my world? I invite you to have a peek.

Thank you for reading!