The beginning, work and motherhood

I will have to take you back to 2004 when I gave birth to my 1st child. The feeling of becoming a mother was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. I had given life to the most beautiful thing in this world and I was not prepared nor I wanted to miss a single second of it.



I came to England back in 1993 as an au-pair, not because I wanted to but because I did not know what to do next with my life back home in Spain. Life here, however, was not any easier but after I decided to stay (of course I had by then met my now husband) I took on any jobs going from cutting onions in a factory to analysing samples in a laboratory. I also took on every opportunity that was presented to me until finally, I managed to get myself a nice position as a research scientist. I was so happy, all the years of hard work had paid off.  I was finally doing something I loved, or so I thought.


I was lucky and I was able to take a year off to stay with my baby boy but that year passed by terribly fast. I had seen him take his first steps, say his first words, fed him his first solids, but there was still so much more to come and I wanted to be part of it all.

I did not want to return to work yet but I now had a family and bringing money home, earning a living was now more important than ever specially as my husband was out of work. I knew my baby was beautifully looked after by his loving dad but I also wanted to be there. What could I do? Could I perhaps work from home? And what would I do?

I have always loved making things so I decided to start my own handmade jewelry business. I started researching the market, bought materials, books, watched thousands of tutorials, even made a website. I would have to go back to work but I would work on the jewelry business in the evenings and weekends until I was making enough money that I could give up my employment.


5 years later I gave birth to my second baby boy. The urge and need to be at home was even greater but I was still working full time as a Researcher and have no jewelry business to talk about.

During my maternity leave period, I came across surface pattern design and again, in the evenings I watched lots of tutorials, I signed up to online courses and I even touch myself to use design software like Photoshop and illustrator. If anything I found it very relaxing and gratifying. But in my mind, I could still hear that little voice reminding me that if I wanted to spend more time with my babies I had to find the way to work from home. I needed to use these new skills and build a business.


This time I started creating patterns and used them to make my own handmade books and greeting cards and opened an Etsy shop. Needless to say, it was yet another failure. But I kept designing patterns.



When the unthinkable happens.

Then one day and very suddenly our lives changed forever. My second child was not even 2 years old when my husband suffered a stroke. The following weeks went on a blur. I was on robot mode, just functioning. I was lucky I had a sister living nearby and she helped take care of the boys whilst I was working and going to the hospital to see my husband in the evenings.  After two months in the rehabilitation ward, he was able to come home just before Xmas.


He was able to walk with the aid of a stick and he had lost the use of his right arm but apart from that, he was still my husband and their dad. He had been lucky! However, it was not long before the realisation of what had happened hit home. I was no longer responsible for two children but I was now my husband’s carer too. I was also the only breadwinner.That little voice from the past was louder now. I had to find a way to work from home even more now, but I did not know how.  I had given my all to the jewelry business and also to the stationery one and still I failed both times.




No shame in asking for Help.

Then one day I came across an article on a Facebook page by Designer and Mentor Ali Mapletoft. Her article was about how she transformed a very expensive hobby into a very successful business. This resonated with me. I did not have a business. I was spending money on a very expensive hobby and I had been doing this for years so I had nothing to lose, I joined her groups and contacted her. I asked her for help.



I told her that I wanted to earn a living working from home, being my own boss and working on something I was passionate about, something I loved doing every single day. But most days I lost faith in my capabilities, I had self-doubt, was I good enough? was my work good enough? I was following so many different paths, I kept getting lost. I could not understand why if I was so passionate about something I was not being successful. She then told me something that changed everything. I needed to find “my why”. Doing something I loved doing was not enough and that was why I kept failing. She told me the strength was in knowing why I wanted to do that something I loved. Ali recommended I read “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action” by Simon Sinek. After I read the book I started to work on Ali’s coursework and worked very hard at identifying my values and finding my why.


Finding my why.

After weeks of soul searching I realised that I was most happy when I was with my family, in the safety of our home. I realised that I was someone that stood for honesty and kindness. I hated chaos and confrontation. I knew I cared for the planet even if it was in my own small way. And I loved hugs. I could even tell when someone was giving a good or a bad hug. Yes, believe me when I tell you there is such a thing a bad hug. And I also realised everything I did it was for my family. They were my inspiration, my muses.

My firs born was and still is a dream child. He slept, fed and played. You could take him anywhere and nobody would notice a small child was there. During my second pregnancy it never occurred to me my second one would be any different buy MY GOD HOW WRONG I WAS!

From day one my son would not eat well and was super active. He did not sleep well at all at night and always woke up from a nap crying. Soon after he turned one we started to notice dry patches on his skin and the GP told us he had eczema. If him not sleeping well at night time was exhausting, it was nothing compared to what was to come.


Every night I would sit next to him in tears watching him scratch till he bled. I had tried everything and when I say everything I really mean everything. Creams, lotions, garments, sleeves… I even put his baby grow with the studs to the back and tied ribbons around his wrists to stop him from taking his silk sleeves off. Yes, perhaps that was a bit drastic and perhaps you may say unnecessary but he was a little Houdini and I would find him sitting in his bed naked, scratching and bleeding. All I could do was to keep on with treatment and make him as comfortable as I could. Once he had finished scratching I would sit with him in my arms soothing him till he finally fell asleep and I would place him back on his bare bed with no comforting cuddly toys as everything aggravated his skin.

As I have told you I spend several weeks working out my why. Now that you know a little bit about my life my why won’t come as a surprise.


“To help create a sanctuary where everyone can enjoy emotional comfort and escape their everyday stresses.”

I want for everyone to be able to get comfort and escape their everyday stresses but specially children and even more specially children with Eczema. When we talk about Eczema or other skin conditions we always talk about flare ups, creams or medication to make it better but we always forget about the emotional side of it. With my brand I want to help create a little sanctuary for these children. I want to offer them something that can give them some extra comfort and let go. To do that I am designing  huggable cushions or pillows. 

Why this product? When my son was young his cot /bed had no cuddly toys or decorative cuddly cushions to be seen as oppose to his brothers'. Everything available on the market was made of polyester which was not good for his skin. All teddies had to be dusted regularly and steamed up or put in the freezer to kill dust mites etc .It seemed like a lot of effort to still end up with a cushions that was not skin-friendly.

My pillows are ethically made made using organic cottons and sheep wool. These material have been carefully chosen because of their incredible benefits and properties which are  skin-friendly and will not aggravate the children eczema.


Thank you for reading !