How I overcame personal struggles and became a designer with my own brand.

How I overcame personal struggles and became a designer with my own brand.

Since my children were born all I have ever wanted to do is spend (almost) every single hour of the day with them.

I did not want to be one of those parents that sadly misses on magical moments like taking the first steps, saying their first words, and even, later on, not being able to attend every school play because of work.

Even now that they are a bit older and perhaps they do not need me as much I still want to be there at the end of their day and had a good chat about how their days have gone rather than a rush conversation during dinner. But life does not always play ball so you have to make the best of what you have.

And then in October 2011, my husband suffered a stroke. Life had always been hard for us but this came from nowhere, one of those things you never think can happen to you. And yes, life had been hard but this was something else. In a matter of hours, I was a wife, a mother, and also my husband's carer. And of course, amongst other things, this also meant that the responsibility of paying the bills and putting food on the table rested solely on me.

It was now more than ever I need to find a way to work from home, so I could properly care for my family whilst still earning a living and after all these years my childhood dream of being my own boss doing something I loved was still alive and I realized that if I ever wanted for it to become true it had to be here and now.

It was lucky that I came across a post by designer, mentor and entrepreneur, Ali Mapletoft where she was talking about how she transformed a very expensive hobby into a very successful brand. That really resonated with me so I wasted no time and got in touch.

Ali's mentoring taught me lots of things but the most important thing was that no matter how passionate I am about working on something I will not succeed unless I know why I am doing it.

After a couple of months of soul searching, I learned that what I wanted to do was to help adults and children alike, especially children with challenges and special needs to create their happy place where they can find joy and serenity, a beautiful and nurturing environment for people to grow in and be happy in.

My brand Anaiak is very much happening. I have been working hard on developing my products which show very strongly a mix of beauty and simplicity that I believe enhances the human spirit and human happiness. I want to offer you a sensory experience and an interior full of beautiful muted colors that are calming and good for the soul.  

Thank you for reading!